Bridging the Daycare to Elementary School Achievement Gap and Training Teachers About Early Childhood Trauma by Rev. David Lee Sincere, Jr.

I had the honor of facilitating a meeting between Mrs. Janice Davis, at A Creative Genius Learning Academy and Ms. Maria Rocque, the FBISD Early Childhood Supervisor. We had a great conversation concerning how to align the daycare with FBISD curriculum and expectations. The kids in the Willowridge Feeder pattern are starting elementary school behind. To bridge the daycare to elementary school achievement gap, we must make sure our daycares and public school systems are on the same page.

I ended the day with a meeting at Willowridge High School to prepare for a trauma informed care workshop that I will be hosting for teachers. The fact is that we are emotional and rational beings. The education system needs to develop the entire person. We live in a performance-based society that spends little time focused on a person’s emotional intelligence. In our society we are IQ driven.

Willowridge PBIS Team

Fighting to make sure our kids get a great education is hard work, but the investment is invaluable. Frederick Douglas said, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” I am honored to be a part of great teams that are opening doors of opportunity for our kids.

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