Counseling is Beneficial by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ January 2020

Counseling is Beneficial by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ January 2020

We have come upon a new year and we tend to make many resolutions.  Some of the most common resolutions are related to weight loss, advancing our careers, getting closer to God, or becoming a better person.  What are some ways to become a better person?  The answers are subjective and change individual to individual.  Because of the stigma related to mental health counseling, my guess is the majority may not associate going to counseling with becoming a better person.  Well, counseling has been shown to have some benefits.

What are these benefits?  There are many different reported positives such as dealing with past trauma, improving relationships, and achieving goals.  (  Other benefits are managing mental health diagnoses (, improved communication, increased self-esteem, and changing self-deprecating behaviors (

It is important to note counseling works as a result of the client being willing to work on his or her issues.  Wampold (2015) stated clients come in with expectations and he or she works with the therapist to come up with a plan to help remediate the issue.  An alliance of sorts is created and the client agrees to adhere to the treatment plan over the course of the counseling relationship.

One should not walk into counseling believing the counselor will do or say something miraculous to change the issue(s).  There is no magic wand or saying to change a client’s issues from negative to positive.  The counselor acts as a catalyst to help the client reassess or reframe the issues at hand.  Remember the client spends a small portion of time with the counselor.  The expectation is the client utilizes the skills learned in real life situations.  Change occurs through consistency. 

If you need counseling, find needed resources and take the step to find a counselor.  There are many licensed mental health professionals to choose from.  Some of you may be limited to your income or your insurance.  Call your insurance to get a list of licensed mental health professionals in your area.  They can give you information based upon your zip code, address, issues (i.e., anger, stress, grief, sexual abuse, etc.), or age.  Psychology Today can give you the same information.  You can also search for a provider that takes a specific insurance.  A tip is to call the providers and ask again if they take a certain insurance as providers may not regularly update his or her profiles with current information. 


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