Effects of Child Abuse on Adult Life by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ August 2020

Effects of Child Abuse on Adult Life by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ August 2020

We run into adults in life (friends, family, coworkers, etc.) that talk to us about his or her childhood abuse, or we are aware of the childhood abuse.  As adults they have typically internalized negative thoughts about themselves.  These thoughts impact how they interact with others in his or her day to day lives.  LaBier (2013) stated “…humans are hardwired for empathy and connection. It’s our natural state, but its expression may become stunted or deformed by our life experiences.”  I have to agree. 

Over the years, as a licensed mental health professional, I have seen many clients struggling with current relationships because of childhood abuse.  Trust issues develop. They can be triggered by certain words, phrases, or smells.  These triggers bring back memories as well as feelings associated with the abuse.  These memories and feelings can be really intense.  The University of California completed a study in 2013 purported childhood abuse can be so stressful that it can lead to illnesses such as cardiovascular disease in adulthood. 

The effects of childhood abuse can be a difficult to overcome when so many negative thoughts about oneself are present.  These negative thoughts may occur as a result of ugly comments from the adult’s abuser.  A flashback to the trauma can take a person right back to intense moment(s) of abuse.  There are resources to help you overcome the struggle of childhood abuse.  If you are having this experience, I encourage you to give counseling a try.  It is as simple as talking. 

A widespread misconception about counseling is you are telling your business.  It can be difficult to discuss but it is not about telling your business, it is about healing so you become your most positive self.  I hear clients say this quite a bit and then come to question themselves on why they did not try counseling sooner.  Everyone is different but give it a try before you decide you’re not going to do it at all.  You may be surprised how much itbenefits you and those around you. Counseling is a benefit for those around you because they get to interact with a renewed, strong, happier, more confident you. 


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