Encouraging Words by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ February 2021

We’ve made it through the first month of 2021. How are you doing?  Do you check in with yourself regularly and making time for self-care activities? Are you checking on others in your circle?  I’ve written about a lot of different topics over the last few year but not about encouraging yourself and others.  We all need encouraging words from time to time.  Some of us need daily encouragement.  How do you go about encouraging yourself and others?

According to dictionary.com (https://www.dictionary.com/browse/encourage?s=t), encourage is a verb that means the following:

  1. To inspire with courage, spirit or confidence
  2. To stimulate by assistance, approval, etc.
  3. To promote, advance, or foster

Some synonyms for encourage are embolden, hearten, reassure, urge, support, aid, and help.  Some antonyms for encourage are discourage and dishearten. (https://www.dictionary.com/browse/encourage?s=t)

After reviewing the definition, do you think you encourage yourself and others?  Here are few ways to encourage yourself. Positive affirmations can really help with making you feel good about yourself.  The affirmations can be as simple as saying, “I’m beautiful, I’m capable, or I’m smart”. If you’re feeling unmotivated about a current situation in your life, look back (or think back) on times in your life that you felt accomplished.  Let those thoughts and memories motivate you.  Let them act as a catalyst to put you in a more positive headspace about the current situation. 

Look for small wins as you’re working on a project.  Remember small steps add up to big steps in the direction you’re headed in to reach your goal.  Celebrate those small wins to help encourage you to keep moving toward the big goal.  Make a vision board of what you would like to have in life. You can use a poster board and some magazines to help you create the vision board.  There are also apps or websites that you can use to do virtual vision boards as well.  Have fun with it and do not forget to put the vision board in a place you frequent every day so you can see it. 

How can you encourage others?  You can do this by supporting his or her business (buy something from them or invest in the business).  You can also be there to listen when they feel down and unsure of himself or herself.  Smile at someone; it may help lift their spirits without you knowing it.  Give the person(s) kudos on doing a great job. Praise someone for doing something you saw them do for someone else. 

Once you get in the habit of encouraging yourself or others, it comes pretty naturally.  Be genuine when encouraging yourself and others. It can make all the difference to know (and others to feel) that you genuinely care. 


Encourage. (2021). Retrieved on 1/24/2021 from https://www.dictionary.com/browse/encourage?s=t

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