Goal Setting by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ September 2020

Goal Setting by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ September 2020

How do you go about setting goals for yourself? Do you use set an actual plan once you decide what you want to achieve?  Or do you just say this is what I want to do with no planning and you just do it?  Short term or long term?  There’s no one way to do things because different things work for different people.  

I will say that using a SMART goal is pretty popular in a lot of arenas from counseling to education to corporate. I typically use SMART goals for treatment planning when working with my clients. I explain how it works and encourage them to choose his or her own goals to work on.  This is best, in my opinion, because it empowers the client to choose what is most important to work on.  And the hope is they put forth his or her best effort to make progress in the area(s) they chose.

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-specific.  You may have seen different variations of the words but they all defined about the same.

  1. Specific – make sure your goal is specific to what you want to achieve.  If you want to open a business, your goal should state what type of business (beauty, fashion, etc.).
  2. Measurable – know when you are making progress.  This may numbers, percentages, etc. If you want to open a business, how many steps does it take to get a business permit, Tax ID or Doing Business As (DBA) number? 
    1. If it’s a lot of steps, set smaller goals to reach those bigger, long-term goals. Look at the big picture and determine what steps you need to take.
  3.  Achievable – remember to make your goals achievable.  Opening most businesses in a month is not feasible.  Make your goals attainable.
  4. Relevant – make your goals relevant to what you want to achieve at the time.  Your goal should not address buying cutlery if you’re opening a beauty business.  Cutlery would go with a food business.
  5. Time-specific – set a realistic end date for you to achieve your goal.  Depending on the amount of steps and what tools you have to reach the steps, six month to a year may be feasible to open a beauty business.  

Whatever your goal is, make it something that motivates you to keep going.  Be realistic with your goals because you want to see progress that will move you forward.  If it takes too long to see progress in reaching your goals, you may lose interest or hope in achieving it at all.  Going into goal setting with no real hope of achieving the goal in the first place is defeating yourself before getting started.  What’s the point in that? 

Happy Goal Setting!!!! 

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