Invest in Your Intellectual Self by Dr. Ee’a Jones

Invest in Your Intellectual Self by Dr. Ee’a Jones

I’m continuing the investment series. This month I’ll be giving you information about investing in your intellectual self. In January, I stated “invest in your intellectual self by reading articles, books, completing puzzles, taking some courses on topics you’re interested in. It’s about keeping your mind thinking and learning. You don’t have to get a degree (unless that’s your goal), take a culinary course if you want to learn more about cooking.” What does this mean over time?

Basically, find things to keep your mind stimulated. Reading an article does not have to be boring. Choose to read about things you like such as fashion, interior design, sports, dance, entertainment, etc. There are numerous topics to capture your attention and reflect your taste about different areas of your life. Just read! If you like to watch videos more, or listen to audiobooks, try that. You can stimulate your mind by listening to books as well. Public libraries even have apps so you can borrow audiobooks that go to your phone. There’s no excuse not to be able to stimulate your mind daily.

There are so many applications (apps) that you gave download on your phone to help keep your mind busy. These apps can even act as distractions to keep your mind off stressful situations. There are brain games to help you think about ways to solve a puzzle, and then there are other games that require you to strategize ways to get out of a dilemma. I won’t name any because there are tons of them.

You can partake in scholarly articles via different peer-reviewed publications. Other options to invest in your intellectual self-care to take courses just to learn different skills. Such courses may include culinary, design, 3D printing, or art courses. There is a plethora of information out there for you to utilize for intellectual investment. Make an effort to invest to invest in your intellectual self every day!

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