Invest in Your Occupational Self by Dr. Ee’a Jones

Invest in Your Occupational Self by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ September 1, 2018

This is the last installment of the investment series. I’ll be informing you of how to invest in your occupational self this month. In January, I stated “invest in your occupational self by learning how to update your resume for the job you want or researching the job you believe fits you best. If you’re not sure what job fits you best, go to a career counselor that can test you to show your interests and the jobs that fit best with those interests. If you have a career you like already, look at how you can move ahead in that job to climb to a higher-level job in that career.”

Investing in your occupational self encompasses different areas of investment such as intellectual and educational. There is likely some type of training you’ll need whether it’s on-the-job training, certification, licensure, degree, or advanced degree. All of these require investing in yourself intellectually and educationally to get to occupational investment. Once you have a job in mind, you’ll need to develop a resume. A resume tells potential employers about your skills and experiences related to the job you want. If just starting out, you will not have experience. That’s fine, then you’d just put your educational experience even if it’s high school or a General Equivalency Diploma (GED). Don’t be intimidated by this process. You can find resume templates online to help you develop one. Make sure it’s truthful and that you have someone proofread it for typos and grammatical errors. I used to be a Program Manager and I’d review resumes quite frequently. Attention to detail on a resume is very important as that is really the hiring manager’s first impression of you. As you gain more work experience, update your resume regularly even if you are not planning on changing jobs or careers. What did I put job or career? Because they are different. How?

A job is work you do to earn a paycheck. It is not necessarily something you want to do for a lifetime. A career is more of a series of jobs and work experience that are interconnected to helping you gain experience in one area. For example, you may have had a job in retail while in high school. Then you go to school for business and become a public relations representative. For years you work in this area moving up the ladder in your field. I’ve had a career in mental health for over 25 years. This career has entailed several different positions from entry level, to mid-level, to management level.

I also mentioned going to a career counselor for some testing to show your interests and what career may best fit those interests. According to, some tests used to do that are the Myers-Briggs, Keirsey Temperament Sorter,, Big Five, 16personalities, iSeek “Clusters”, MyNextMove, MAPP Test, Holland Code, PI Behavioral Assessment ( Each of these tools uses a different set of themes to help you determine your interests, personality characteristics, etc. For more information on these career assessment tools, click the link above or copy and paste it into your browser.
Most children have a dream of what they’d like to be when they grow up. It’s up to you to invest in that part of yourself to make your dream a reality. Go invest in your occupational self!


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