Mental Health in 2021 by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ April 2021

Mental Health in 2021 by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ April 2021

What is the status of mental health thus far in 2021? People are still dealing with the pandemic.  With light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, it does not mean any mental health issues that arose are resolved right away. My private practice, Peaceful Living Counseling and Consulting Services (PLCCS) saw an uptick in persons seeking counseling.  The majority were taking the opportunity to work on issues they have had and some were also related to the pandemic.

Problems adjusting to current stressors, anxiety and depression were the main reasons for seeking counseling. Almost 90 days into 2021 and COVID-19 vaccinations en route all over the United States, PLCCS is still receiving referrals related to these diagnoses. Could it be that some people had these issues already and just had not addressed them yet?  Of course. And it is also possible the pandemic brought on the issues.

I was reading a Forbes article about post pandemic trends in mental health (4 Post Pandemic Mental Health Trends And Predictions For 2021 ( The four mental health trends were remote work as the norm, healthy lifestyle changes, employers making mental health a priority, and compassionate leadership in businesses. You can read more detail at 4 Post Pandemic Mental Health Trends And Predictions For 2021 ( I tend to agree these are some mental health trends for 2021 that I already see.  I also believe there will continue to be more people seeking counseling to address anxiety, depression, and problems adjusting to stressors.

The pandemic has allowed many to focus on what is needed for us grow, learn, and make him or her better. And the focus on family either revealed either strong bonds or a weak bonds. Either way, it is a good focus to have for one to determine how to keep the stronger bonds going and how to strengthen the weaker bonds for the long-term.

I am sure there will be more trends in mental health during the 2021 year.  Those listed here are just a few.  Take care of your mental health and help those around you do the same. Don’t just survive but thrive. Which one are you doing?


Robinson, B. (2021). 4 Post Pandemic Mental Health Trends and Predictions for 2021. Retrieved on 3/14/2021 from 4 Post Pandemic Mental Health Trends And Predictions For 2021 (

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