Question Your Thoughts by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ January 2021

We have finally entered 2021 – the year 2020 is in our rearview mirror.  However, we are still dealing with the ramifications of poor governmental planning regarding COVID-19.  The way you think about it is your right.  When it comes to thoughts in general, do you question whether your thoughts are rational or irrational?  The Socratic method is good way to question them.

Socratic questioning has long been a method used in counseling.  It requires the use of five questions to help determine if there’s evidence for what you believe to be true.  It is a method used in cognitive restructuring created by Albert Ellis in the 1950s.  It challenges automatic beliefs.  The Socratic questions are as follows (Bourne, 2015). Note you may see various lists of Socratic questions asked in different ways. 

What is the evidence for that thought?  Against it?

Has this always been true in the past?

What is the very worst that could happen?  What would you do if the worst happened?

What are the realistic odds of this really happening?

Are you looking at the whole picture? Being objective?

If you are a person whose thoughts or decisions tend be irrational, impulsive, or angry, this is a great way to determine your thought patterns and assumptions.  For example, if you are a person that believes you do not mean anything to other people, stop to implement the Socratic method. Answer each question honestly.  Be willing to accept that perhaps your assumptions, decisions, or thoughts may be irrational.  It can be challenging to face your flaws head on. No one wants to believe they are not good at something as serious as making good decisions for themselves.  This is very personal work that can help you to see things from a different point of view (hopefully for the better).  And the method can help you to uncover irrational thought patterns. Be serious about the work and be consistent in questioning your thoughts. 


Bourne, E. J. (2015). The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook (6th ed.). New

         Harbinger: Oakland, CA.

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