Spiritual Investment by Dr. Ee’a Jones

Spiritual Investment by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ March 1, 2018

I’m continuing with the theme of investing in your whole self. This month’s blog addresses your spiritual health. In January 2018, I stated it is important to pray, meditate, read the Bible, etc. I also stated to make an effort to have a closer relationship with Jesus. Faith can be calming to some and confusing to others.

A bible study, spiritual workshop, convention, or revival can help to strengthen your relationship with God. You can become closer to Him, recommit to a lifestyle more in tune with the Christian way of life, examine how you treat others and yourself. Not all people are raised learning about any type of religion or higher being. This could add to the confusion of whether to be a believer or not.

There are many different types of religions. Some types are Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Jehovah’s Witness, Hinduism, and Judaism, to name a few. Each of these may have some common themes or some uncommon themes. The main thing to remember it is one’s choice whether they choose to believe or practice one religion or the other. For me, it is Christianity.

I’m well aware that all people are not believers in Jesus Christ. Faith in any religion can likely be calming to that particular person. The goal here is not to tell you what to believe but rather to nurture that part of yourself to become a better you.

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