Stop the Stigma: Part 2 by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ May 2020

Stop the Stigma: Part 2 by Dr. Ee’a Jones ~ May 2020

I read an article a couple of months ago related to how mental health has improved and what we can do to continue to move it forward (  May is Mental Health Month and the article was timely.  The article was written by Nicole Spector for NBC news.  Ms. Spector wrote about how mental health is not seen the same as physical health.  She stated mental illness should be “normalized” like physical illness.  Do you agree?  I do.  I use the example of treating mental illness the same way one would a physical illness such as diabetes.  When we begin to treat mental illness like physical illness, that will be a clear indicator that the stigma of having a mental illness has decreased significantly.  It is clear I am an advocate for stopping the stigma of mental health. 

Ms. Spector (2020) also mentions how awareness should go global.  I agree with this statement as well.  Education on mental health should reach as far and wide as possible throughout multiple countries.  The more knowledge people have on the signs, symptoms, and treatment of mental illness, the less stigma people with mental illness have to endure.  She went on to discuss federal laws and how more law is needed for treatment of persons with mental illness.  Ms. Spector (2020) then stated countries need to do a better job of having programs that allow for early detection and intervention of mental illness.  Her last statement was “After all, if we can have a war on cancer, why can’t we have a war on depression?”.  I agree wholeheartedly!!!!! 

You can go back and read my blog entitled, Stop the Stigma, (2019) at For more information on mental health resources visit, and


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